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Flower Xochitl Bracelet 950. Silver Quality designed by Ana Brilanti Continuing the tradition of the family
Signed by Brilanti



Xóchitl .. the Nahuatl word for flower, is a feminine given name somewhat common in central and southern Mexico. Xochitl was a Toltec Queen and wife of Tecpancaltzin. When she was elderly, civil war erupted in the Toltec Empire. Xochitl called upon other women to join her in battle, and created and led a battalion made entirely of women soldiers. She died on the battlefield. The son of Xochitl and Tecpancaltzin, Topiltzin, was the last of the Toltec kings, before he was overthrown in the civil war. It was during the final stand of the Toltecs at Tultitlan that Tecpancaltzin and Xochitl were slain in battle.


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