Earrings #64


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Sunflower Pandent 950. Silver Quality designed by Jose Brilanti Continuing the tradition of the family Signed by the Artist



Steps for using Tarni-Shield Silver Polish: 3M

1. To start, consider using latex or vinyl gloves. This is not required to use the product, but it will keep the polish from getting on your hands and fingerprints from getting on your silver.

2. Shake the bottle.

3. Apply Tarni-Shield Silver Polish to either the cloth or the silver directly. A soft cloth is recommended for polishing silver. Which are durable and absorbent, and their soft texture won’t scratch the silver. For smaller, intricate pieces, a cotton swab, cotton ball or soft toothbrush can be used.

4. Rub thoroughly to remove all tarnish. Length of polish time will depend on the severity of the tarnish and the size of the piece you are polishing.

5. Rinse polished silver in warm water. For flatware or other serving pieces, consider washing with a mild dish soap and water.

6. Dry your silver piece.


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