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Biography :


Ana Brilanti is considered one of the most original silver designers from Taxco – the center of the Mexican silver.

Ana Born in Mexico City in 1907, As a young woman, Ana taught fine arts, drawing, Painting and sculpture in a school for industrial and manual arts in Mexico City.

When she arrived in Taxco, she became one of the few women who designed and produced jewelry during the “golden age” of Mexican silver.

He choice  of motifs and combinations of metals has always been varied and dynamic.

Whether it was a tea seat or copper bowl or silver necklace, Ana Brilanti strove for exellence in technique and presentation.

Victoria was the original name of the silver shop and the signature mark of Ana Maria Nuñez de Brilanti. Ana and her husband make the decision in 1940 to launch “Victoria.” They rented a place for their business on the same plaza as los Castillo.

The Quality of Brilanti’s designs was recognized not long after the shop was founding

The workshop was mentioned in the 1946 version of Frances Toor’s New Guide to Mexico.​

“Plateria Victoria” is a romantic corner of the colonial Plazuela de Bernal No. 6, near the big plaza.

Lovely silver jewelry in desings created by Ana Nuñez de Brilanti are executed by artist craftsmen.

    Brilanti History Marks

     Victoria Mark 1940


Ana Brilanti eventually had eight children, and her oldest, Cony was married in the early 1950s. To provide for her daughter and new son in law, she helped them open a new silver shop in 1953, which was named for her daughert. All the silver made for “Cony” came from the Victoria workshop. it is marked with the original circular Victoria mark, with “Cony” iscribed as a signature below.

From 1958 to 1975 she also issued her designs as Victoria/Cony and since 1975 she continued to issue her original designs from her daughter’s shop, Cony under the mark of Cony.

In 1998 the grandson Jose Brilanti decided rebranding victory by ” Brilanti ” .

Customers always asked by artist Victoria, wondered by artist , Ana always was known in Taxco as Ana Brilanti.

Also I thought that my last name represented more the family tradition.

That’s how brands changed over time.

Making of true handmade silver jewelry is a lost art in many ways, but not in Brilanti family. The son and grandchildren of the founder, Ana Brilanti, have kept their family tradition alive.

Brilanti handmade Silver jewelry

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